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Unlocking Investment Potential in Thomastown

Marran Run Blog Post - 2024-04-03

Nestled in Melbourne’s Northern Corridor, Thomastown is emerging as a location of opportunity for potential owners and investors. With a 25-minute commute to the CBD and close proximity to essential amenities such as schools, public transport, universities, and shopping centres, Thomastown is a prime location for long-term growth.


Boasting impressive market indicators including a low vacancy rate of 0.71%, a favourable gross rental yield of 4.5%, and a population set to grow 55.6% by 2041, Thomastown is an exciting chance for investment. With affordable entry into the property market, the median house price sits at $682,000, 40% lower than that of Preston, 9 kilometres away! Whether you are looking to set down roots or invest, Marran Run has something for everyone.


Not only is Thomastown appealing for its’ affordability and investment potential, but the Thomastown Industrial Hub is an economic centre for The City of Whittlesea, employing 11,000 people and contributing $1.1 billion to the economy. The vision to further develop it into a thriving business hub aims to attract investment, enhance transportation, and upgrade environmental conditions to create an attractive business environment. Thomastown is truly setting its sights on becoming one of the top suburbs in the North, and we can see why.


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