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A Beacon of Affordability in Melbourne


Thomastown, located in the northern region of Melbourne, has recently been recognised as the most affordable suburb for first home buyers in Victoria, according to With its blend of affordability and convenience, this suburb presents an appealing option for individuals entering the property market.

Featuring parks, shops, schools, and sports clubs, Thomastown offers a fulfilling lifestyle just a 25-minute drive from the CBD. Well-regarded buyer’s advocate Cate Bakos acknowledges Thomastown for its affordability and ongoing gentrification, making it an attractive prospect for homebuyers. Bakos suggests that diligent seekers can find value in Thomastown while still being close to the CBD.

Strategically positioned along the metro train line, Thomastown is a practical choice for those priced out of neighbouring Reservoir. Bakos highlights the contrast, noting that Reservoir requires a starting budget of approximately $1 million, making Thomastown an increasingly desirable alternative.

As a well-established suburb with essential facilities readily available, Thomastown is primed for further growth and development. With ongoing gentrification efforts, residents can expect continued enhancements and property value appreciation.

For prospective homeowners seeking affordability, convenience, and future potential, Thomastown stands out as a promising opportunity in Melbourne’s competitive property market.


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